Sunset Ridge



Sunset Ridge is an in-fill land entitlement and development play in fast growing West Greeley. It is approximately 6.733 acres in west Greeley situated between US34 business/10th St and 13th Street along 59th Avenue.  It is in an infill mixed use commercial and residential area.

The Greeley MSA is consistently one of the fastest growing MSA’s in the Country, and is the fastest growing MSA in Colorado. The growth in population is driven by strong job growth in the Fort Collins and Greeley MSA’s, which drives population and demand for real estate in this area.

Poudre Bay currently has completed rezoning of the property to the highest commercial zoning in Greeley, and is completing subdivision plat for the property.  Poudre Bay will be opportunistic in its exit and will look at vertical development, JV’s, land contributions, and sales.

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